Why Your Business Will Never Truly Grow If You Cannot Lead


What comes to mind when you think about amazing leaders that have walked this earth?





Everyone (and I do mean EVERYONE) starts out as a leader of one — themselves, and when it really boils down, we all want to be a hero in someway.

Let’s break down that word, HERO.

The Latin word for hero is actually servo, which mean servant or slave.

Pretty intense, right?

But when you really think about what a hero does, they are truly the ultimate servant to something larger than themselves.  They have integrity, support, self-less nature – the same things required for true leadership.  And people want to follow them simply because of who they are and they inspire others to strive to be better people without forcing them to do anything.  Pretty heavy stuff. Get more info here

Let’s breakdown the THREE KEY FACTORS of leadership and how we can get closer to becoming the leader we want to be:


MOTIVE = level of insights = SUCCESS

There are three main levels of motive in which we all operate:

  1. Getting someone to do something strictly for your benefit.

Here, we’re not really going for helping others, even if that is a side effect.  A fabulous example of this would be the life of a honey bee.  Their main motive is to collect pollen to make honey, that’s it.  They’re narrowly focused on storing up enough of the good stuff for winter and have no thoughts about anything else, especially not their job at pollinating flowers and how it benefits others in the environment, even though that’s also a side-effect of what they’re up to.

2. Serving yourself  + someone else.

Here, we do have someone else in mind who will also benefit for our success.  A great example of this is our desire to create an amazing life for our family, our very own kids.  We feel personally invested in their lives and their success and they are a driving factor in what we do.  As a result, we will find a higher level of success and motivation then if we were just doing it for ourselves, better than the bee but still not limitless.

3. Serving others + something greater.

Here we’re driven by passion, contribution and leaving a legacy.  We’re at this highest level of leadership when we’re helping a group of people fulfill their needs.  We’re not actually after the $ because money itself is nothing – instead we’re after the needs that the money will solve.  Here, we can tap into an unlimited source of motivation because we’re pulling from an unlimited pool – we can get refreshed and rejuvenated whenever we need it by tapping back into that passion that drove us to begin with.

Now, here’s the hard part.  

Be honest with yourself right now in your business, what’s your TRUE motive? 

A great way to objectively evaluate yourself if by asking, “Do I cause people to willingly do something they normally wouldn’t do?  Am I inspiring them to step outside of their comfort zone and step closer towards their dreams?”


To attract successful people, you must be successful.

To attract dedicated people, you must be dedicated.

To attract positive people, you must be positive.

Get the correlation?  You’ve got to be real, raw and authentic because no matter what, you attract what you are.

How do you build authenticity?  First, focus on self-improvement!  Stop focusing on getting better at your weaknesses because let’s be real, even if you devoted your life to getting better at something you suck at, you’ll only ever be mediocre at it.  Start focusing on your strengths, the things that come naturally, and you’ll soar above everyone else.

Level #3 – VISION

As a leader, you’re also the painter of the vision.  It’s your responsibility to move + motivate your team by creating the perfect environment to build people up.  You’ve got to create an atmosphere that speaks vision to your team in every possible way.

How do you do that?

You must outwork everyone, love it way more than anyone and stand at the back of the line when credit is being dished out.  Does that mean you don’t have bad days? No.  Does it mean you don’t make mistakes, get tired or worn out? No.  But it means you always maintain and support that atmosphere for your team by pulling in the larger vision everywhere.  Kinda like the Bible says “where there is no vision, people perish.”

Help others see what isn’t real yet.

Believe anything is possible.

You’ve already tapped into that vision, otherwise you wouldn’t be following your heart and building a business – at some point you’ve had the feeling that this business COULD BE YOUR TICKET.

Don’t talk yourself out of that + help others not talk themselves out of that.

You’re here for all of those not living life to the fullest.

As leaders, we do not exist for ourselves.  We exist for all of those who are not here yet.



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