Top Three Reasons to Choose Organic Baby Products

Radiantly You was founded on the concept that putting family first and creating a better environment for ourselves and others should go hand in hand; by creating a better today, we ensure a healthier and sustainable future for our children.  We founded this company as a means to provide for our family, care for our children in a sustainable way and to give our clients the products and knowledge to make healthy life choices for their children and loved ones.  For this reason, we are offering you our top three reasons to choose Organic Baby Products.

1.  Chemicals and Toxins. In this day and age, most of us know that what you put into and on your body will make a big impact; the better you treat your body, the better your body will perform.  Our skin is our body’s largest organ and serves to protect our vital organs and muscle structure while being responsible for helping to regulate our body temperature.  Our skin does all of this (and more!) while allowing us to experience the sense of touch.  Simply put, our skin is one of our most important organs.  But, did you know that babies have a larger ratio of skin surface to body weight?  This means that babies absorb anything and everything placed upon their skin faster than adults, including harmful chemicals and toxins.  It is for this very reason that selecting Organic Baby Products is essential to the care, maintenance, and health of their largest and arguably most important organ.

Most commercial non-organic body care products contain parabens, sulphates, and chemicals which stunt childhood development and can lead to a myriad of health problems.  Parabens have been directly linked to cancer in both children and adults and can be directly absorbed by the skin.  Sulphates, particularly Sodium Lauryl Sulphates (which are found in almost every body care product on the market), not only cause skin irritation but have been found to suppress the endocrine system in babies. Even something as simple as Mineral Oil can be detrimental to childhood development; Mineral Oil clogs pores hindering the body’s ability to both eliminate toxins and to properly absorb Vitamin D.

2. Skin Absorption. It is never too late and never too soon to start a good skin care regiment, especially when it comes to our children.  Because the skin is our largest organ and absorbs everything that comes into contact with it, it only makes sense to choose Organic Baby Products to use on our children.  Look for Organic Baby Products that use Grapeseed Oil for their base as Grapeseed Oil is rich in vitamins and minerals and won’t interfere with the skin’s ability to eliminate toxins.

Most Organic Baby Products are created for use on specific areas of our baby’s bodies, particularly the sensitive areas.   With so many children and young adults suffering from thyroid problems, reproductive issues, hormonal imbalances, and decreased lymph function as a result of what has been absorbed by their skin, it is important to avoid products containing the chemicals and toxins that cause these types of ailments.  Choosing Organic Baby Products to use to treat diaper rash, chest colds, and sensitive skin means correcting the problem without the risk of creating future health problems.

3. Bonding time.  Recent studies have shown that babies who receive massage benefit in more ways than one.  Massaging your baby can lead to the development of better sleep patterns, improved digestion, and improved circulation while fostering the mother/child relationship.  Massage has also been shown to stimulate the lymph system and promote healthy lymph development.    The act of massage will assist in creating a deep and continued bond between mother and child while being good for the health and development of the child.  Mothers that massage their children have been shown to be happier and more connected to their children than mother’s who do not.  Choosing Organic Baby Products for use in infant massage is a great way to promote healthy and supple skin and is an excellent way for newborn skin to absorb vitamin and minerals.

Did you know? Our Calendula Booty Balm – Diaper Rash Cream is made from organic ingredients and, in addition to soothing and eliminating diaper rash, it can be used at any time as a soothing skin balm for mama and baby alike. This balm is made with Grapeseed Oil, putting it high on the list of Organic Baby Products rich in vitamin and minerals. This balm is safe for cloth diapers, is gluten free, vegan, and paraben free.  Want some?  Click .
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