The Power of Direct Selling

WARNING: The vehicle itself only has so much power – the driver holds the key. 🔑

So you’ve probably had some experience with Direct Sales, right?  Positive, negative, distributor or customer almost every household in America has purchased or had interaction with a Network Marketing or Direct Selling company and whether you know it or not, you’ve probably placed some judgement on it – it’s natural and it’s what we do.  This post isn’t to convince you it’s the best thing since sliced bread but I do want to share why, in this ever-growing e-commerce world, I decided to bring Radiantly You into the Direct Selling industry.

A little bit over three years ago, I was at a huge crossroads in my life.  At the time, our products were competing for shelf space around the North East and I was just about to drive my 36 week pregnant butt to Philadelphia for my big interview for Shark Tank, hoping to land a great deal and huge contract for our products to hit shelves across the globe.

As exciting as it was, something didn’t feel right.

Sitting on a store shelf, I lost all interaction with our customers, so a big part of our mission was gone.  It’s pretty darn hard to educate and empower families with three-inches of label space, right?

And not only that, as a wholesaler all the extra income produced through my hard work, sweat and tears would be going into the pockets of those huge box stores (thanks but no thanks, Target).  What impact would I really be making in this world?

Enter Direct Sales.

My good friend had been hounding me for months to go into direct sales to let her sell my products for me and make a commission.  She was a single mom, busting her butt and was looking for another opportunity to generate some income for her family.  She pleaded.  She begged.  And usually, I said no, but on May 28th, 2013 saying yes changed my life FOREVER.

Why, you might ask?

Let’s get into the true POWER of direct selling:

Meets all the demands of the emerging economy.

Wondering why everyone wants to be a personal brand and an entrepreneur? PEOPLE ARE SICK OF GETTING PAID NOTHING TO WORK FOR SOMEONE ELSE.  We’re waking up.  We want more.  We know there’s more out there and we truly believe we deserve it – and why shouldn’t we?

Adds an immeasurable opportunity to those who go all-in and pursue their dreams through their business.

Heard of residual income?  There’s nothing more powerful than residual/passive income – it’s the concept of building something right to start and earning on it for years to come (think rental properties).  It was massive appealing to me as a young parent because I want to afford my kids the most amazing lifestyle, while also showing them how to work smarter, not harder.

Allows you to set your own schedule.

As a parent of soon-to-be five kids, all five and under, this was game changing for me.  I needed the flexibility to be able to put what truly matters first in my life and news flash, that’s not Radiantly You, it’s my family.  This February really brought home how invaluable this perk is.  Around 11 am while waiting for a call from our pediatrician, my precious little 8-month old daughter, Maizie, started having a grand mal seizure in my husbands arms.  Life stopped.  The next few hours that followed were the scariest hours I’ve ever had in my entire life and the weeks that followed some of the toughest I’ve ever endured – and you know what? NEVER ONCE DID I THINK ABOUT WORK.  I didn’t have to call anyone to tell them I wasn’t coming in.  I didn’t have to frantically find my last pay stub to see how much personal, vacation and sick days I could scrape together.  Not ONE of those moments was spent focused on anything else but our precious daughter.  Thank God for Direct Sales.

Tax breaks + low start-up costs.

There is no where in the entire world you can build a MILLION dollar business with a $399 investment – no where.  As CEO/COO and Founders of this company, my husband and I regularly joke how we should have just signed-up as a distributor for another company – it would be a heck of a lot easier and cheaper than what we’ve poured in to create this opportunity for others.  I am incredibly passionate about offering families a true way to break out of their struggles and step into a better way – one with a low start-up cost, low overhead (you don’t have a store-front, employees, inventory…) and amazing tax breaks for being an entrepreneur.  You can write-off things like your cell phone bill, internet, home office, travel, personal development AND MORE.  Hello, direct sales!

Couple all of these amazing things with a product, company and mission that you’re passionate about and hey, that’s a heck of a way to build wealth. And of course don’t forget, you’re only successful when you help other people do the same (did someone say ‘impact’??).

Millions of families are discovering how direct selling can work for them – I pray you do, too!


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