Stop Spraying Toxic Chemicals in Your Kitchen | Top Three Reasons Why

Young Couple Cleaning Cleaning Modern Kitchen

1. They are toxic. And they certainly don’t have a place in the room of your home where you cook the food you nourish your family with. The spraying of toxic, all-purpose, mainstream cleaners on the very surfaces our food is stored and prepared is simply, dangerous. If you wouldn’t eat it or drink it, you shouldn’t let your food or skin absorb it either.

2. Disinfectant + antibacterial sprays are completely overkill. In the United States, a product can be labeled and advertised as a disinfectant, antibacterial or antimicrobial agent only after it’s registered as a pesticide with the Environmental Protection Agency. There’s a general consensus that we must totally eliminate and kill all the germs, viruses and bacteria on our household surfaces, especially in the itchen. We’ve totally ignored that bacterial can in fact, actually be good for us. Wait, germs and bugs are good for us? Yep. They’re essential in building our immune systems, especially in young bodies. The young immune system is strengthened by exposure to everyday germs so that it can learn, adapt and regulate itself. Put down the antibacterial sprays, lotions and gels.

3. The kitchen is the most cleaned room of the house. Your kitchen gets cleaned at least once a day, and if you’ve got kids and a busy family you’re probably cleaning your kitchen upwards of three of four times a day. And let’s face it, the rest of the rooms in your home aren’t getting cleaned nearly as often, even that bathroom of yours! So if you’re taking small steps to greenifying your home – let’s start here. You’ll be inhaling less fumes, less chemicals and contributing to a cleaner, greener, prettier world.

Radiantly You offers the perfect solution for cleaning your kitchen the non-toxic way. RY’s All Natural Counter Spray was nominated as a Better Homes and Gardens Best New Products of 2014 + has also been featured in American Made Living Magazine.

Contact your nearest Independent Wellness Guide to purchase or so we can put you in touch with one.

All Natural Counter Spray

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