Product Spotlight: Invigorating Lemon Hand Soap

When the summer starts to wind down its inevitable that you and your family will start to think about getting to work on your kid’s back to school list. Although that sounds like a drag, there is normally a lot of shopping to do before your little ones start a fresh new year. Radiantly You is always trying to help make life not only healthier, but easier too. That’s why we recommend our toxic-free, Invigorating Lemon Hand Soap.


Whether or not hand soap is on your child’s list, it’s an item you definitely will want to purchase and have to keep those school germs out of your home and keep everyone in the family happy and healthy. So here’s why:

Think of how many things that you have touched today with your hands. Now think of how many things or other people your kids have touched all day with their hands. It is important for all people to wash their hands throughout the day, especially children who have been in school all day. It’s important for people to keep their hands clean because our hands carry germs, which can be passed on from item to item, or person to person. The simple solution is to wash your hands with soap and water. But a lot of commercial hand soap can carry toxins.

Dangerous toxins that you could absorb through your skin using commercial hand soap are triclosan, parabens, ureas, ethanol and sodium lauryl sulfate just to name a few. Side effects of these toxins include but aren’t limited to organ damaging, birth defects, decreased fertility, extra fat storing, breast tumors, hair loss and cancer. Why would you want to risk your health when you’re washing your hands to keep germs off of you? Seems like quite the contradiction, which is why you and your children should stick with the Radiantly You brand!

Radiantly You’s Invigorating Lemon Hand Soap is all natural, toxic free and has just a few natural ingredients that are family friendly for everyone. Not only will the fresh lemon scent intrigue you, but you will also be aware that the soap you are using is toxic free and washing away those hand germs! With this all-natural, organic, healthy hand soap at just 5 dollars a bottle, order some Invigorating Lemon Hand Soap for the bathroom, the classroom, or every room in the house!

Invigorating Lemon Hand Soap Ingredients: aqua, organic expeller-rressed coconut oil, potassium hydroxide, castor oil, sustainably-harvested organic palm oil, lemon essential oil, citric acid 

 To purchase Radiantly You’s Invigorating Lemon Hand Soap contact your Independent Wellness Guide or contact us here so we can put you in touch with one.

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