Product Spotlight: All-Natural Tub Scrub + Ways to Use it Around Your House

Today we’re highlighting my favorite, multi-purpose Radiantly You product, the All-Natural Tub Scrub. We all know this magical scrubbing powder works wonders on your bathtub, but did you know you can use it all over your home? From soap scum covered stainless steel fixtures, to grimy dirty tile grout, to baseboards, walls and more, this tub scrub does it all and more.

radiantly-you-all-natural-tub-scrub (5)

As I was cleaning my bathroom with the Tub Scrub, I made my way around my shower, toilet, sink, tile floors, baseboards and walls; I just kept a rag in one hand, the cleaner in the other and scrubbed away. This stuff literally cleans everything.

Gone are the days of worrying about washing chemicals down your drain and breathing them into your lungs because Radiantly You All-Natural Tub Scrub is powered with the antibacterial and dirt busting powers of tea tree, sweet orange essential oils and baking soda. All you have to do is add in a little water and elbow grease and you’re well on your way to a super clean home.

radiantly-you-all-natural-tub-scrub (7)

Pictured above: my bathroom sink before I cleaned it, dirty and full of caked on soap scum.

radiantly-you-all-natural-tub-scrub (1)

Pictured above: after I cleaned my bathroom sink, sparkling clean with minimal scrubbing effort, no harsh abrasives or toxic fumes.

radiantly-you-all-natural-tub-scrub (3)

Pictured above: my dirty tile grout {as seen on the bottom} and the brilliantly white and clean tile grout {as seen on the top} by using just a little elbow grease, an old toothbrush and a touch of Tub Scrub.

radiantly-you-all-natural-tub-scrub (6)

radiantly-you-all-natural-tub-scrub (4)

RY CLEANING TIP: for tub cleaning maintenance, mix 1 tablespoon with 1 cup of water and store in spray bottle for easy access. Spray, wipe, voila!

To purchase Radiantly You’s All-Natural Tub Scrub contact your Independent Wellness Guide or contact us here so we can put you in touch with one.

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