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Tracy M

Hey there!

My name is Tracy Maxwell and I’m currently a middle and high school mathematics teacher in a small town in upstate New York. I like to spend my days trying to get the 9 out of 10 people out there in society that I talk to who say they hate math narrowed down to 8 out of 10 by the time I retire! I’m dreaming big! On nights and weekends, I spend my time raising one of the sweetest, quirkiest, outside-the-box seven-year-old boys you will ever meet.

Recently, I was spending the morning with a friend and she mentioned a “party” that she was going to a little later in the day. I have to admit that my internal sirens went off as the only “parties” that I have been to require that you spend lots of money on products that may or (more likely) may not be of the quality that you would expect them to be for the cost. I was absolutely, 100% positive that I was not going to go. Then, something told me to go anyway…and that’s when I was led to Melissa.

But first, backtrack with me:

It was about 3 years ago, after binge watching the last available season of How I Met Your Mother on Netflix, that something told me that I better start tuning in to what is really happening out there in the world. I knew the basics….local newspapers and stories on internet news sights filled me in, but I was moved to dig a little deeper. I started looking through the documentary section and was immediately intrigued by what I was seeing and hearing. It started with documentaries about juicing believe it or not, which naturally led to topics such as clean eating, GMOs, unethical farming practices….you name it. I was learning plenty about toxins in our food, but it wasn’t until recently that I started realizing just how many toxins are in our health and beauty products. It started with a DIY class health and beauty class that I took with my sister and soon, I was making several of my own toxic free products.

This should have left me feeling empowered, but instead it made me feel more and more depressed. I started looking around at my world and realizing that I just lucked upon the knowledge that I had. Millions of people across the country were still understandably unaware of just how many toxins we are exposed to and wash down our drains on a daily basis. I was literally looking around and thinking “this cannot go on much longer,” and feeling completely powerless, wondering what kind of world I was leaving my son with….then I went to the “party.”

After listening to Melissa’s mission, I literally sat there completely in awe. Radiantly You stands for everything that I am passionate about, as well as things that I didn’t even realize that I was passionate about. To be offered the opportunity to empower and educate my little section of the world and possibly beyond about all the toxins in the environment leaves my soul feeling completely whole again. I literally understand now what it means to lead a purpose-driven life. And I count my blessings every day that I was given this opportunity.

Through Radiantly You, I hope to educate and inspire as many families as I possibly can in my lifetime, by helping one family at a time. I also aspire to free up enough of my time to do all of the things that I feel pulled to do, such as giving back to my local community through charity work and creating local community gardening programs. The possibilities truly seem limitless right now.

If I could tell someone something about the toxic products sitting in their homes, it would be to not feel guilty in any way about having them to begin with. The information about toxic products is just not out there for all to see…in fact, it’s intentionally hidden from us. Many of the chemicals in health and beauty products don’t even have to be labeled by law, so even if we do try to buy “natural” products, we are still being misinformed in almost all cases. But there is a solution, and that solution is to replace those products with products made by two of the most sincere, selfless people I have ever had the pleasure to know… Melissa and Nick Brown.

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