IWG Spotlight – Elise Gerber

Name and a bit about you: Elise Gerber, mom of 2 little girls (4 and 2.5) and #3 girl on the way in July! Brand new to the stay-at-home gig (as of November 2015) after working full time for the first 3.5 years of being a mom. Blessed to be home raising my girls, and blessed to have more time to focus on my passion with Radiantly You!


What drew you into Radiantly You?: I’ve always been drawn to the natural since developing hand eczema at the age of 15 as an allergic reaction to pine needles. Surprisingly, that turned in to a persistent issue for 15 years, and I never knew why until about a year ago. Even in the early days though, I never felt comfortable using topical steroids on my hands that I use for so much, especially eating. I always knew deep down inside that there had to be a better way to deal with it, I just couldn’t find it.

After my eldest daughter was born in the month of May, I was so excited to have 3 months off for maternity leave and the chance to spend some good time at the beach… until I discovered that sunscreen was discouraged from use on babies under 6months. When I learned that the FDA actually states that the problem is because of the chemicals in sunscreen in relation to baby’s surface-area to body-weight ratio I knew that there was something majorly wrong with that scenario. That was the true beginning of the lifestyle change for me.

I had never previously considered an MLM or DS company as an option for me because, like many others, I didn’t want to be the “sales” person- but when I discovered Radiantly You, I switched all my household products, my eczema and acne cleared up within weeks- I knew that there was no way I could pass up a ground-floor opportunity to share something so life-changing for me with others. The photos alone of what switching to chemical-free products did for my hands, they spoke for themselves. It actually wasn’t until a year after becoming a part of RY that I discovered one of the major triggers for my eczema was chemical preservatives. The reason no other products had ever helped me, including “natural” ones, is because even most of those still contain these preservatives. Preservatives, which after researching, I now know are not only highly irritating, but even WebMD suggests those with eczema not use. In a word, what drew me to Radiantly You: Everything.

What are some of your goals for your business: Without a doubt, my biggest goal is to help others, especially those with skin issues. Not only through being able to offer them amazing products without irritating ingredients through Radiantly You, but to help educate as many people as I can about why it’s worth staying away from those ingredients altogether. In the 2 years that I’ve been with Radiantly You I’ve gone through so much soul searching and learning that I just want to share it with everyone. I want everyone to lead healthier and safer lives, Radiantly You just makes that easy. As an IWG I really hope to be a leader of knowledge, if you will. I recognize that not everyone gets as excited as I do about the technicalities of the benefits of what we offer, so if I can make that easy for someone to share and learn from, then I want to be able to do that- it’s the passion that drives me.

If you could tell a stranger ONE THING about the toxic products sitting in their homes, what would it be?:  Erin Brockovich said it best when she said:

“My biggest concern is the cumulative effect this bombardment of toxic chemicals has on us individually and collectively… Our Personal Care Products should be as free of toxic chemicals as possible… just because a chemical makes a product last longer on the shelf… or “bigger” “better” “cheaper” “faster”… doesn’t mean we need more chemicals in our lives… it is all cumulative.”

You may not understand why it matters now but if you take a look at the world around us and the struggles that individuals face every day from the hormonal imbalances, cancers, infertility, eczema, even obesity, the chemicals in our mainstream PCPs have all been linked to these issues in some form or another. If there is ONE thing that you can easily change to reduce that exposure- it’s your PCPs. Radiantly You makes that so easy, and that’s why I believe in it so much.

What does the financial opportunity mean for your family?: Security. In a very insecure, unstable world, financially this means security. Initially my goal was to be able to be home with my children where I’ve always desired to be. That ended up happening out of necessity and we’ve made it work. But like many families, it’s hard to not only stay afloat, but to get ahead these days on one income. Radiantly You has offered me a long-term plan, a long-term goal of being able to earn security, stability, and the chance to get ahead for my family. The financial opportunity for me is like a the gravy on top of being able to help others and communities lead cleaner, healthier lives. The other best thing I get to offer them is to have the opportunity to earn a secure financial future for themselves as well. I don’t think anyone could convince me that there is a more fulfilling job out there than what I do between raising a family and promoting Radiantly You at the same time!

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