Product Spotlight: Radiantly You All-Natural Deodorant + Why You Need to Ditch that Drugstore Stuff

Deodorant is one of the first products I stopped using when I made the shift to a healthier, greener, chemical-free lifestyle. Deodorant and antiperspirants are loaded with super nasty, ultra-toxic ingredients. And those precious little underarms of yours? Well – they’re absorbing it all.

Radiantly You makes an organic and all-natural deodorant that comes in two different scents, Lavender and Clean & Fresh. It’ll keep you feeling dry, yet moisturized and stink free all day. But first, let’s talk about when you really should ditch that drugstore deodorant, food good. Here’s a basic breakdown of what’s lurking inside your chemical laden deodorant.

Aluminum // the active ingredient in almost all deodorant, creating a temporary plug in your sweat glands, leaving your underarms dry.

The dangers: when exposed to sweat, aluminum mimics estrogen’s hormonal effects. Some scientists believe that because of this, it might have the ability to promote cancer growth – particularly in the breasts.

Parabens // acts as a preservative.

The dangers: parabens have the same estrogen-mimicking ability as aluminum.

Triclosan // a chemical compound that acts as an antibacterial, also classified as a pesticide by the FDA and a carcinogen by the EPA.

The dangers: studies have shown that triclosan can alter hormone regulation.

Propylene Glycol // a synthetic liquid used to absorb sweat but maintain moisture.

The dangers: while the FDA states that propylene glycol is “generally labeled as safe” for use in foods, the Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry lists it as a potential effector for dermal, renal + respiratory organ systems.

Phthalates // used to maintain fragrance and color in products.

The dangers: studies have shown phthalates to alter hormonal systems and harm reproductive health.

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One thought on “Product Spotlight: Radiantly You All-Natural Deodorant + Why You Need to Ditch that Drugstore Stuff

  1. This is the product that interests me the most. I currently use a homemade DIY deodorant to avoid using all the icky stuff. But there are so many scents to choose from here, that is awesome!!

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