12 Days of Christmas Cookies

There are exactly 12 days until Christmas Eve and that makes us is making the Radiantly You staff very hungry for some cookies. So, here are our top picks to celebrate, 12 Days of Christmas Cookies!! All allergens are clearly marked, we found a little sweet something for everyone.

GF = gluten-free
DF = dairy-free
EG = egg-free
V = vegan

 by, Pure Ella {GF, DF, EG, V}

A naturally gluten-free, vegan spin on a Christmas cookie favorite. Made with only four ingredients!!

by, Minimalist Baker {GF, DF, EG, V}

The gingerbread men for equality, no matter what your allergen may be, this recipe has you covered.
pomegranate-topped-brownies (2)
 by, With Food + Love {GF, DF}

Okay technically these aren’t a cookie, but shouldn’t every cookie tray really should have at least one brownie on it, I mean, right?

by, Nosh and Nourish

Soft in the center and crispy on the outside, these gingerbread cookies are phenomenal plain or decorate them up with your sweeties.

Kisses by, Beard and Bonnet {GF, DF}

Light airy, little bits of pure Christmas cookie magic.

by, Gourmande in the Kitchen {GF, DF, EG, V}

A coconutty twist on one of our favorite Christmas cookies, the thumbprint.

 by, With Food + Love {DF. DF, EG, V}

Again not technically a cookie, but always shines like a true Christmas star! Plus it is so easy to make an essay and looks really fancy.

 by, Nosh and Nouish {GF, DF, EF, V}

These shortbread cookies, are the perfect little dunkers so fill up a glass of milk and get to it.

 by, With Food + Love {GF, DF, EF, V}

The classic holiday standby done a little healthier.

by, Baked Bree

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