10 Top Tips for Sun Safety

10 Top Tips for Sun Safety

10 Top Tips for Sun Safety

We’ve been warned, intimated and just straight up lied to by sunscreen companies in the past decades.  Don’t let the ‘land of the unknown’ keep you from your summer fun!  Follow our 10 Top Tips for Sun Safety and you’ll be enjoying the longer, warmer days the right {and safe} way.

1. The best sunscreen is clothing and hats.  Get good clothing protection first, then worry about your sunscreen.  Lots of stores carry sun wear and honestly, a good cotton shirt and shorts work wonders.  Don’t skimp on those adorable hats, too.  They not only shield the face but also offer protection for your body (especially if you get a cute, large brimmed one).

2. Slather up, men! Crazy, but twice as many men die from melanoma as women (CDC, 2012).  We know lots of super hero dads who have awesome powers but sadly, super-sonic sun protection isn’t one of them.

3. Reapply often.  Protection breaks down over time, sun exposure, water use and active play.  Slather often, you really can’t overdo it, especially if you’re rocking an awesome chemical-free sunscreen like RY’s.

4. Avoid the spray.  Studies confirm that spray sunscreen is more harmful then helpful.  The tiny particles emitted are not safe to breathe! {Grab more info here: USA Today and Consumer Reports}

5. Don’t mix.  Keep your insect repellent & sun protection separate and apply your bug spray first (as to not dilute or remove any sun protection).

6. Avoid oxybenzone.  This is a yucky, lab created chemical that mimics estrogen & penetrates the skin.  It’s been found to disrupt the hormone system in our bodies and should be avoided at all cost, especially for children.  Zinc oxide is a great alternative against UVA radiation (and luckily, RY’s has it!).

7. Vitamin A is good for veggies but bad for skin. Government data suggests that skin coated with vitamin A developed tumors and lesions faster than skin without any.  Avoid labels that say: retinyl palmitate, retinol, vitamin A and carrot seed oil (which is high in vitamin A).

8. High SPF isn’t all that and then some.  Don’t be tricked that SPF 50+ means day-long protection.  Stick in the 15-50 range and use appropriate products based on the activities planned.  If you’re using a more natural form of sun protection, realize that you’re not slathering up tons of chemicals manufactured specifically to block the sun.  Be smart and realize that the sun protection really shouldn’t be your first (and especially your only) form of defense.

9. Be a label reader.  Ingredients matter, plain & simple.

10. Have fun!  Don’t get overwhelmed & hide from summer fun!  With the right protection, you and your family can have an awesome summer season, full of long days and even longer memories.  Get out there and live :)

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