Things We Love | january edition

Happy New Year Radiantly You lovers!! 2015 is going to be our biggest, healthiest and greenest year yet!! Welcome to our monthly column, Things We Love — where we highlight our favorite things of the moment…things we’re looking forward to eating, drinking, making, celebrating, experiencing + purchasing all month long. And what we’re really loving this month is ALL THINGS GREEN!! Here are our top picks.

Things We Love | january edition


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Here are our top 50 green smoothie + juice recipes.

Want to learn more about green juicing, check out our guide here.

Give your body and mind a daily detox with warm lemon water.

We want your whole family to load up on veggies this year, read these tips to get your kids on board.

We’re going to {at least once a week all winter long} what vibrant color and flavor.


Here are some of our favorite product highlights of 2014:

All-Natural Tub Scrub and Ways to Use it Around Your House

Radiantly You Deodorant and Why You Need to Ditch that Drugstore Brand

All-Natural Lemon Scented Bleach + 5 Ways to Use It

All Natural Laundry Soap + the Toxic Dangers of Commercial Laundry Detergent

Dead Sea Whipped Face Wash, Antioxidant Facial Moisturizer + Radiantly You All-Natural Lip Balms

Body Butter + Five Alternative Ways to Use It

Become a Radiantly You Independent Wellness Guide today.

Support + shop !

Save our landfills,  your organic food scraps!

Start small and/or go big, grow your own food!

From the entire Radiantly You team – we’re wishing you a healthy, happy, abundant 2015.

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