Things We Love | november edition

Welcome to the second edition of our new monthly column we like to call, Things We Love — where we highlight our favorite things of the moment. Things we’re looking forward to eating, drinking, making, celebrating, experiencing + purchasing all month long.

Things We Love | november edition

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We are so happy, for it’s November!! Pour on the Thanksgiving Day excitement and let the gratitude flow!

Need help fine tuning your Thanksgiving Day meal? We love this Turkey Day  by, Bree Hester of .

This  is the tops! Check out what fruit + veg will be rocking all month long.

And we’re still really LOVING all things pumpkin. Did you see our round-up?

Have you ever tried to make your own pumpkin butter, .

Also, because who can resist more pumpkin pie?! Here are three mini-pumpkin tartlets that have won our hearts…

 by, So Let’s Hang Out

by, Tasty Yummies

by, Naturally Ella

We’re also really loving cardamom right now. This ancient spice has a plethora of remedies aiding in everything from detox to depression.

Get the cardamom facts  + while you’re at it whip up a batch of this .


Our body butter is back in stock!! Coco-Loco, Caribbean Coconut + Vivacious Grapefruit now!!

Gain financial freedom before the holidays, here are !!

And don’t forget, join the fall celebrations all month long over on our Pinterest board,

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