50 Kid-Approved Healthy Breakfasts, Snacks + Smoothies

It’s no secret that kids can be a little picky when it comes to eating healthful meals + snacks. So I’ve rounded up 50 kid-approved healthy breakfast, snack + smoothie ideas that are sure to be your family’s new favorite go-tos.

Cooking with your kids help inspire creativity, develop self-confidence and instill healthy eating patterns. So jump right into the kitchen with your cuties, roll up your sleeves and get to cooking, they’re going to love mixin’, rollin’ + smoothin’ out these recipes with you.

All of these recipes are gluten, refined sugar and soy free and marked with the following:

NF = nut free

DF = dairy free

EG = egg free



Baked Eggs in a Basket by, Edible Mosaic {NF, DF}

On the Go Baked Eggs Nest by, Lexi’s Clean Kitchen {NF + DF}

Mini Veggie Quiche by, The Kitchen is my Playground {NF}

Bacon + Spinach Breakfast Frittata Muffins by, Running to the Kitchen {DF}

Spaghetti Squash Breakfast Cups by, My Heart Beets {NF, DF}

Scrambled Egg Muffins by, Raia’s Recipes {NF}

Bacon, Egg + Cheese Muffins by, Real Food Outlaws {NF}


Grain-free Lemon Buttermilk Pancakes by, Life Made Full {DF}

Chocolate Chip Banana Oat Muffins by, Radiantly You {NF, DF, EF}

Vegan Coconut Waffles by, The Healthy Maven {DF, EF}

Grain-free Mini Pancakes by, Recipes to Nourish {NF, DF}

Double Chocolate Banana Waffles by, Lexi’s Clean Kitchen {DF}

Grain-free Banana Bread Muffins  by, Poet in the Pantry {DF}

Flaxseed Coconut Blueberry Pancakes by, Kitchen Tested {NF, DF}

Grain-free Blueberry Muffins by, Everyday Maven {DF}

Banana Chocolate Chip Pancakes by, Texanerin {DF}


{be sure your oats are certified gluten-free}

Paleo Chocolate Cereal by, A Girl Worth Saving {DF}

Apple Pie Oatmeal by, Whole Foods on a Budget {NF, DF, EF}

Soaked Oatmeal : The Original Instant Oatmeal by, Live Simply {NF, DF, EF}

Strawberry Apple Granola by, Raia’s Recipes {NF, DF, EF}

Hearty Vanilla Almond Cereal by, Edible Mosaic {DF, EF}

Vanilla Almond Puff Cereal by, Running to the Kitchen {DF, EF}

Apple Cinnamon Overnight Oats by, Whole Food Life {NF, DF, EF}


Tropical Green Smoothie by, With Food + Love {NF, DF, EF}

Blueberry Pie Smoothie by, Good Girl Gone Green {NF, DF, EF}

Raw Almond Vanilla or Chocolate Milk by, Tasty Yummies {DF, EF}

Raspberry Banana Avocado Smoothie by, Texanerin {NF, EF}

Strawberry Banana Green Smoothie by, My Whole Food Life {NF, DF, EF}

Creamy Coconut + Pomegranate Smoothie by, Radiantly You {NF, DF, EF}

Blueberry Lemon Basil Smoothie by, With Food + Love {NF, DF, EF}

Vanilla Coconut Oat Milk by, Running to the Kitchen {NF, DF, EF}

Chocolate + Strawberry Almond Milk by, Fork + Beans {DF, EF}


Chocolate Chia Pudding by, Sugar Free Mom {NF, DF, EF}

Summer Muesli with Soaked Oats + Chia Seeds by, Recipes to Nourish {DF, EF}

Chocolate Overnight Oats by, Because I Like Chocolate {NF, DF, EF}

Berries+ Vanilla ‘Cream’ by, Good Girl Gone Green {DF, EF}

Vanilla Chia Pudding by, Sugar Free Mom {NF, DF, EF}

Classic Acai Bowls by, The Pig + Quill {DF, EF}

Chocolate + Strawberry Quinoa Dessert Bowl by, Wonky Wonderful {DF, EF}

Peanut Butter, Honey + Banana Milkshake by, Edible Mosaic {NF, DF, EF}


Vitamin C Elderberry Gummies by, Naturally Mindful {NF, DF, EF}

Strawberry Banana Fruit Leather by, Oh My Veggies {NF, DF, EF}

Sour Kiwi Gummies by, A Happy Health Nut {NF, DF, EF}

Peach Fruit Leathers by, My Whole Food Life {NF, DF, EF}

Gummy Worms by, The Earthy Momma {NF, DF, EF}

Strawberry Fruit Snacks by, An Organic Wife {NF, DF, EF}

Fruit + Veggies Gummy Snacks by, Live Simply {NF, DF, EF}

Mango Fruit Leather by, Oh My Veggies {NF, DF, EF}


Cinnamon Raisin Granola Bars by Raia’s Recipes {NF, DF, EF}

No Bake Granola Bars by, Live Simply

Almond + Oat Protein Balls by, One Beet {DF, EF}

Lemon Larabar Bites by, My Whole Food Life {DF, EF}

Chewy Fruity Breakfast Bites by, Raia’s Recipes

15 Minutes Larabars + Bites by, Beard+ Bonnet {DF, EF}

Almond Joy Raw Bars by, Beard + Bonnet {DF, EF}

Chia Cherry Crunch Bites by, Running to the Kitchen {DF, EF}

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