Product Spotlight: Essential Oil Bug Away

It’s a big wake-up call when your first mosquito bite of the summer! The bite swells up, looks all puffy and red and is seriously annoying beyond belief. Sure it will drive you mad! If this pain and itch isn’t warning enough to protect yourself with Radiantly You’s Essential Oil Bug Away then maybe some insight on mosquitoes will make your more inclined.

Mosquitoes carry and pass on certain number of diseases and some of these diseases could be deadly. The most common disease carried in the United States by a mosquito is West Nile Virus. Symptoms of this disease range from flu like feelings to much more severe. Other diseases these little critters carry outside of the US are Yellow Fever, Malaria, and Dengue Fever.

Knowing that mosquitoes are capable of being vectors of certain diseases, and even if they don’t disease you, they can still give you an ugly, itchy, annoying bite. These reasons should make you want to purchase and wear bug spray in this summer weather. So how do you choose the right bug spray? Well, most commercial bug sprays that you would find on the store shelves are loaded with poisonous ingredients. And although you may not be eating the bug spray, you are applying it to your skin, most likely breathing it in and sometimes even swallowing it.

Two of the most common poisonous ingredients in commercial bug spray are DEET and Pyrethrins. When DEET is applied to the skin it could cause hives, blisters and rashes. When DEET is inhaled or swallowed it can cause stomach issues, nausea, vomiting, low blood pressure, seizures and even brain damage. And symptoms from Pyrethrins include coughing, difficulty breathing, upset stomach, vomiting, and oxygen imbalance. And if a lot is swallowed, tremors and seizures could also occur.

Who knew such dangerous ingredients existed in store-bought bug spray that most of us have sprayed all over ourselves and our children without even a thought. The good news – Radiantly You comes to the rescue {yet again} with one of their hottest new products that was just released on . Introducing Radiantly You’s all-natural bug spray, Essential Oil Bug Away!! Effective against ticks too!

Essential Oil Bug Away Ingredients: witch hazel, water, tea tree essential oil, lavender essential oil, eucalyptus essential oil, organic peppermint essential oil, citronella essential oil, cedarwood essential oil

 To purchase Radiantly You’s Bug Away contact your Independent Wellness Guide or  so we can put you in touch with one.


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