Product Spotlight: All-Natural Laundry Soap + the Toxic Dangers of Commercial Laundry Detergent

We all have those days that we dedicate to cleaning, sorting and folding piles and piles of clothes. And that day is of course laundry day. Whether laundry day is once a week at your place or every day, Americans are constantly doing laundry!  In fact, the average family does about 80 pounds of laundry per week. Whoa, I know!!

Families are flowing through bottle after bottle of toxic commercial laundry detergent. These seemingly harmless potions are full of harmful chemicals leaving far more behind on your skin than just the scent of fresh spring flowers on your clothes. So what are these chemicals and what are their effects?

Bleach // the number one cause of household poisoning. Extreme irritation + burning to the throat, eyes, skin + nose.

Artificial Fragrances // causing itchy, watery eyes and burning nostrils, also mimicking the reactions of allergies. Loss of concentration, coordination + a higher frequency of asthma attacks.

Optical Brighteners, Sodium Lauryl Sulfate, Phosphates + Phenols // absorbed easily into the skin like a sponge, causing harm to the heart, lungs, liver + kidneys. Other risks include shock, delirium, numbness, pulmonary distress + even death.


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Now for the good news! Radiantly You All-Natural Laundry Soap is 100% natural with 100% organic ingredients and completely chemical free of course! Choose from lavender, sweet orange, and unscented, and know that it is perfect for sensitive skin and works in HE washers! So come on, ditch the toxins and do what is right for you and your family’s health with the help and trust of Radiantly You.

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2 thoughts on “Product Spotlight: All-Natural Laundry Soap + the Toxic Dangers of Commercial Laundry Detergent

  1. This detergent has a subtle scent. Love it. Feel free to visit my Radiantly You website by clicking the hyperlink above and email me for samples if you’re interested.

  2. Great post! I love posts I can share about what exactly is in commercial products that people should avoid and why because people need to know this. Thank you!!

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