Phthalates – 10 Hidden Places They’re Lurking and Why You Should Care

So, what the heck’s a Phthalate (THAL-ate)? Chemical made from petroleum. Used in personal care products and a large variety of plastics. Used to soften plastics and make them flexible (think shampoo bottle). Endocrine disrupting () If it’s primarily used in plastic, why is it in our personal care stuff?! Cheap. Improves texture. Makes stuff

Product Spotlight: Radiantly You All-Natural Deodorant + Why You Need to Ditch that Drugstore Stuff

Deodorant is one of the first products I stopped using when I made the shift to a healthier, greener, chemical-free lifestyle. Deodorant and antiperspirants are loaded with super nasty, ultra-toxic ingredients. And those precious little underarms of yours? Well – they’re absorbing it all. Radiantly You makes an organic and all-natural deodorant that comes in