Pioneer Independent Wellness Guides

If you can accomplish your dreams in your own strength, your own talent, with your own resources, then your dreams are too small.


I am a smart enough woman to know that I cannot accomplish my mission of raising awareness and helping others live healthier lives alone.  I am only one person: one mother, one wife, one woman.  I need the strength, talents and passion of a tribe to impact the world.

Enter our Pioneer IWG’s!  These women are amazing and each come with their own passions, desires and abundant talents to help make this world a healthier, more chemical-free place.  I know you’re just dying to meet them, so here they are (in no particular order).

  Meet Mary Shoemaker


Mary is a stay-at-home mom of two young boys who is passionate about keeping chemicals out of her home. After falling in love with Radiantly You products, she jumped at the opportunity to represent the company. Through her work as an Independent Wellness Guide, she is able to share her personal mission of a chemical-free home with her local community. Mary has a background in marketing and resides in Northeast Pennsylvania.

Meet Krista Lynn Meyers


Krista Meyers is a free-spirited, fun loving, world traveler who was born and raised in Port Elgin, Ontario. She attended Sheridan College for Esthetics, and has a diploma in Cosmetic Techniques and Design.  After starting her own freelance air-brush makeup business for brides around her community, she realized that she was missing something.  She felt the need to be a part of a team.   She was offered the job as Spa Director at one of the top spas in Ontario, Canada. She lead and inspired a team of women to develop the attitude of gratitude and embrace positive thinking.  She is a natural leader, and has inspired many people along the way through meditation and vision boards.

Her journey into motherhood has lead her down a path of natural and organic living.  She is determined to educate other families and provide healthier options for everyday products.  Krista’s dream is to live in a community where health and wellness are paramount.  She now lives in Southwestern New York with her husband and beautiful baby girl.

Meet Maggie McCracken


Maggie has always been surrounded by an environment geared toward a natural, healthy lifestyle – all thanks to her mom. But the importance of living this way didn’t fully click until she became a mom herself. Ever since her first pregnancy, Maggie has become increasingly dedicated to learning about wellness and the natural ways of maintaining true health within her family.

Maggie received an A.A.S in Early Childhood in 2006 and a B.A. in Psychology in 2008. She is now a stay-at-home mom of two young children and wife to the sweetest man alive. In addition to her love for organic and beautiful things, Maggie enjoys food (not to be mistaken for cooking), journaling, bright colors, and dancing. She believes in a schedule, taking deep breaths, staying positive, and God. This company came as an answer to prayers for a way to help others and make a difference in their lives. She wants to share it with everyone because she believes so strongly in its mission and products. As a wellness guide with Radiantly You, she feels blessed and excited to lead her family and others to Thrive. We rise by lifting others. ~Robert Ingersoll

Meet Heather Nugent


Heather is a Registered Nurse and Homebirth Midwife’s Assistant in Western New York.
Originally from Baltimore, Maryland, she received a Bachelor’s degree in Theatre in 1995 and her Nursing degree in 2002.
Heather became interested in cleaner eating in 2000 when she gave birth to her son, Ian. This interest naturally progressed into concern about the chemicals her children were exposed to in personal care and cleaning products.

She is a loyal and enthusiastic Radiantly You customer and is thrilled to be partnering with the company in providing other women with an affordable means to improving their level of personal wellness. She is also excited to be associated with a company that so closely mirrors her personal values.

Heather is also a freelance writer and is trained as a Massage Therapist.

Meet Amanda Batt


Amanda Batt grew up on a farm where her parents integrated a holistic lifestyle, raising grass-fed beef cows, cage-free chickens and practicing organic gardening.  Amanda appreciated her parents making this an important part of her life growing up, although she didn’t fully realize the impact of chemicals and synthetic formulas in products until she began raising a family of her own.  After much research, Amanda and her husband slowly began converting their home into a gluten-free and completely natural one. They are now trying their hand at “urban homesteading” and plan to move to a farm in a few years, where they’d like to raise animals of their own.

Amanda and her husband have three sweet little girls and the cutest baby boy and will begin homeschooling their oldest in the fall.  Amanda has a B.S. in Mental Health and Human Services and graduated from Fransican University in 2007.  Before she had children, Amanda worked in a daycare and was shocked at the toxic and harsh medicines and creams parents were told to use on their babies.  Since then she has sought to lead by example and teach young families the importance of organic living.  She is excited to have the opportunity to inspire more families to live a natural lifestyle!  Amanda has used Radianlty You products for her daughter’s eczema and became a believer soon after seeing the relief the “Healing Calendula Balm” gave her daughter.  She is excited to spread the word and help families transform their lives and take back their own well-being!

Meet Jeannie Sweeney


Married five years to her best friend and mother of 2 with one on the way, Jeannie gained her passion for health after her father in-law passed away from  aggressive cancer in 2012. She dove head first into ridding her family of harmful carcinogens, and cleaning up their diets. Feeling better and watching her son’s behavior and appetite improve, she was driven to help others find a healthier and happier way of living too. Knowing healthy living hasn’t come easy for her and her family, it has given her the drive to find ways of making healthier choices more convenient and affordable. Radiantly You has given Jeannie that very opportunity! To share 100% clean and nourishing products at a very affordable price all while improving, not only other people’s lives, but her family’s life!

Meet Kelly Filkins

photo (7)

Kelly can clearly remember the “lightbulb moment” on an ecology field trip in sixth grade that turned into a passion for protecting the planet.  Now, as a wife to Chris and a mother to Gabriel and Oliver, her commitment to making healthy choices is stronger than ever.  She understands that being a careful consumer can be frustrating and intimidating because of the ambiguous wording on packages, and finds great comfort in knowing that products from Radiantly You are truly natural and safe for her entire family.  She is eager to help other families discover a brand that is so committed to their wellness. Kelly earned both her BA in Sociology and her MSEd in Counseling from St. Bonaventure University.  She is a school counselor.
Meet Brittany Hubler


Brittany is a birth and postpartum doula who is devoted to her role of supporting and empowering women during their transition to motherhood. When she’s not welcoming babies into the world, she is busy raising her own little family. Brittany is the proud wife to her high school sweetheart, Joseph and is blessed to be the mother of Christopher and Gabriella.
It was only a matter of time before Brittany’s passion for natural birth and parenting, overflowed into her everyday household living. When she learned of this amazing opportunity with Radiantly You, she jumped at the chance to educate herself, along with others, about chemical free living. She is gradually taking the steps to create a better environment for her family and is looking forward to inspiring others to do the same.
Meet Theresa Levitt


Theresa was born and raised in West Seneca, NY.  She is a ballet dancer at heart and grew up loving the arts.  She is a foodie with a passion for comedy flicks and the music of the 60’s and 70’s. She has dreams of traveling the world with her wonderful husband and daughter.

She is currently residing in Boise, Idaho a.k.a. the “City of Trees”.  The birth of her daughter and a new life with her family amongst Idaho’s beautiful landscapes has inspired her to help others achieve a cleaner way of living.  Her goal is to encourage people to grow and learn with her as she embarks on her journey with Radiantly You and their phenomenal products.
“At any given moment, we are absolutely perfect for what is required for our journey.”
-Steve Maraboli


Meet Andrea Arkell


Andrea is a stay at home mother to an energetic red-headed 2 ½ year old named Anika, and married to her loving husband Kevin. Andrea is very outgoing and had the opportunity before settling down to travel while working aboard cruise ships. She has always been very social and loves any chance she can get to meet new people.

During the transition from full-time work to stay-at-home mom Andrea has been looking for the perfect opportunity to put her public speaking skills and passion for great quality products to good use and was so happy to be introduced to Radiantly You.

Having a toddler with allergies Andrea is always very cautious of what ingredients are in the products that are being used in and around the house, to find a great Natural & Organic line that can be accessible to everyone is one of the reasons she is so excited to be able to introduce the line to Canada.


Meet Marie Batt

me 4An eclectic background gives a warm welcome to Marie’s decision to become an Independent Wellness Guide. Her undergraduate and graduate studies include music, German, and philosophical literature. She’s a strong proponent of homeopathic and holistic medicine, having spent considerable time as a personal assistant to a classical homeopath. Whether dietary, cosmetic or household, Marie endeavors to keep chemicals, toxins and preservatives out of her living space. That’s why she was more than thrilled to discover and become a part of Radiantly You. It’s way too cool to keep to herself! Currently, Marie works as a barista, blogger, music and literature teacher and as the third alto in a local Episcopalian choir. Radiantly You has beautified and simplified her life; let’s have the same for you!

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