How I Fell for False Marketing and Why GMOs are Pretty Serious Stuff


This is a post I’m not even sure how to start.

I feel angry and duped.  I fell into the trap of falling for false marketing last week and I’m honestly still recovering. I know, you’re probably either thinking a.) Get over it, who cares? OR b.) YOU fell for company lies?  Aren’t you one of the best label readers out there?

And well, both are actually semi-true.  I pride myself in being a knowledgeable label reader and each and every purchase is generally aligned with my strong beliefs against toxins and GMOs.  And yes, I should just get over it – live and learn I suppose, but I still can’t shake it.

I can’t believe that companies PURPOSEFULLY and INTENTIONALLY use marketing on their packages to make us fall for their lies.

It happened in Target.  I was sucked in and although “I was just in there to find a maternity dress,” I found myself taking a bit more time and walking around.  Realizing the time (and the fact that I had to dash to get home to relieve our nanny), I quickly threw a box of cereal into my cart thinking that it’d help make this week a bit easier.  I’m a busy mom.  I try to make breakfast everyday but life happens.  The potty-training almost 3 year old pees everywhere, Lindsay won’t let me put her down, the baby chicks escape, you know…life of a busy {and crazy} parent.  Even though I own an awesome organic company, I’m not immune to life and yes, sometimes even I, ‘pour the cereal.’

So back to my story – everything about this box made me think it was a good option: they use wind energy, they tout recycling almost all water used and hey, the box itself even looks recycled.  I knew it had no harmful preservatives or colors and I felt like it was a good choice, plus, in a rush it was on an endcap, so I didn’t even take time to really compare.  Once I got home, I looked closer and realized I had fallen for what a bunch of other parents, out there trying to do a good job for their families, are also fooling for.  This crap was loaded with GMOs.  Sure it was “healthier” than Fruit Loops but still, based on the presence of GMOs, ranks REALLY low on my list of things I’ll buy.  And the worst part?  The company TOTALLY knows it and uses the ideas of wind energy, natural dyes and a recycling program to make people think they are making a better choice.


How do people sleep at night?

I mean, seriously.  How in the world can large companies be okay with such horrid, unethical practices on a daily basis?  Don’t they know we are TRYING to do better?  Don’t they know we are families who are struggling against such a horrible food and product industry and we need all the support we can get?

And then I realized, yes, they do know that.  And they are purposefully using our desires, passions and motivation to make a buck.  It sickens me.  It is everything I want RY to NOT be and now, it has become even more fuel in my fire to help empower others to really know what’s happening. So, with that, I’d like to share some of the most easily understood info I’ve pulled together about GMOs to help you make better decisions when you’re sucked into the ‘zombie parent trap’ like I was.

First, did you know that GMO foreign proteins were heavily introduced into our world (aka the US) starting in 1996?  They started out in our milk, soy and corn – and were used in the three following ways:

BT Toxin:

A common pesticide that can be found in corn, soy and cottonseed.  This genetically engineered seed is designed to constantly produce BT Toxin, which is used to kill off all bugs and pests by literally blowing up the stomachs of the bugs that eat it.  Yep, that’s right – it literally makes their stomachs explode.  And yes, we are ingesting this same toxin every time we eat food that is treated using this GMO technique.

Round-Up Ready:

This is an herbicide that is the most commonly known and talked about thanks to good ol’ Monsanto.  These GMO seeds are genetically created to withstand Roundup (which, btw, we use at a staggering rate of 5 BILLION pounds per year in this country).  The Roundup applied to these plants is soaked into them and is unable to be washed off.  The harmful part (besides all the freaky science stuff we don’t even know yet), is that we’re finding these foods to kill off gut bacteria, both good and bad, in our bodies.  Anyone who’s worked toward gut healing knows that the gut is crucial to our bodies and literally controls almost 70% of our immune system.  By stripping it of all its good bacteria, our bodies don’t produce enough tryptophan, which leads to a decrease in serotonin production which then makes our bodies unable to effectively regulate blood sugar.  Can we say Diabetes?  It’s no wonder our diabetic rates in the US are climbing.  Check out the graph below and grab a peak of when they really starting skyrocketing, too.  Hmmm, around 1996 you say?

{Oh and please take note, this graph comes directly from the CDC website}

Desired Trait GMOs:

Lastly is the desired trait GMOs.  These are basically the genetic mutations that make our lettuce greener, our apples crisper and even our Salmon fatter.  These food items contain gene promoters, which are used to “wake genes up” and get the desired traits in higher quantities.  The problem with this (besides those poor, freakish chickens) is that all of our bodies have TONS of latent genes in them that usually go by our entire lives being dormant (yep, even cancer genes and other diseases are inside of us but hopefully never activated).  Well now, we’re eating these gene promoters and to be honest, there has been NO research at all about what effect they are having or could have on us.

Scary, huh? While I’ve been remarkably blessed with healthy children, I think with the current autism rate of 1 in 68 here in the US, it’s pretty safe to say that everyone knows a family working with autism.   I say ‘working’ because it is work – lots of love and lots of hard work.  Again, looking at the graph below, can we say there is definitely some correlation between the rise starting in 1996?  I would have to say so.

The even stronger correlation is found by looking at other countries who either label all GMOs or have even banned them completely and looking at their current autism rates:

Canada – 1 in 450

Denmark – .5 in 10,000

France – 67 per 10,000

And these are just a few. Explain to me again why the US needs to be 1 in 68?!

This rant has grown a bit longer than intended but moral of the story is we can all fall for these companies lies and our only defense is knowledge.

It’s gotta be time to start saying we demand better.

We deserve better.

Our children deserve better.

Our earth deserves better.

And it makes me super thankful that I can sleep at night knowing that RY is none of this.

Instead of being anti-GMO, we are pro-truth.



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