IWG Spotlight – Michelle Haas

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My name is Michelle Haas and I live with my family in Wilmore, KY.  We moved here 9 months ago for my husband, BJ, to begin attending seminary.  We have two boys, Ransom (3) and Francis (20 months). Before seminary, we spent several years overseas working with World Hope International, a humanitarian company. Now, I am a full time stay at home mom and continue to work part time from home.

My friend, Elizabeth Brown, introduced me to Radiantly You at the beginning of this year. I have wanted to switch to organic and all natural products in our home for a while, but always felt like I didn’t know how to start and everything I found in the stores seemed to be so expensive.  Now with a limited income with my husband being in school, I was definitely not moving in that direction.  When I started looking at the Radiantly You products and saw how amazing they were and the affordable pricing, I got excited. And when I realized that I could also supplement our income by becoming an Independent Wellness Guide, I was completely on board!

I have been so impressed with the way that Radiantly You’s products are both safe for my entire family, but also work so well!  Last month, I went through my house and collected all of the products I have that are filled with toxins and got rid of them as I have replaced almost everything in our house with Radiantly You products. I love discovering new ways to use each of the products and love how versatile they are!

I can definitely get behind RY’s mission of building sustainability in our world by starting with ridding our own homes of toxins.  Even though it seems like a small step, it does make a difference, and I’m happy to share my journey with others so they can also start their journey towards detoxifying their homes.  I have only been an IWG for 2 months, but have already enjoyed sharing the products with friends and families. My favorite products to rave about are the All Natural Counter Spray and Tub Scrub! I am looking forward to seeing my business grow as I continue to share these products and see other people come to love them too!


I feel so much better about the products I have in my home now, knowing that they are not a danger to my family and they are not harmful to this world that we all live in. I love knowing that I am doing my part to make this world a better place for our children and the generations that will come after us.

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