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Starting this March, we’re going to begin highlighting some of our Independent Wellness Guides, so you can see just how truly amazing these men and women are!  Enjoy :)

My name is Jennifer Send, and I live in Dubuque, Iowa.  My husband, Doug, is a mechanical engineer at John Deere Dubuque Works.  We have been blessed with seven children: Joseph 15, Marissa 14, Gianna 10, and Maria 9, twins Jacinta and Felicity 7, and Miriam 3.  We are involved in our church, schools, and enjoy vacations to Michigan to visit family and spend time on the beautiful beaches there.

I earned my Bachelor’s Degree in Social Work and a Minor in Religious Studies from Loras College, in Dubuque.  I worked as a hospital social worker before our oldest was born and have been a stay-at-home mom ever since.

I was on a journey to find more natural products for my home and family, when my friend, Kjersti Eilers, introduced me to Radiantly You, over a year ago.  I was especially eager to learn more about the cleaning products because I had never felt good about using harmful chemicals around our children.  I was also interested in learning about the skincare products and laundry soap because everyone in my family has sensitive skin, including eczema.   Our youngest, Miriam, was born at 31 weeks and is prone to respiratory issues, so I wanted to do all I could to protect her from being exposed to any possible irritants, particularly products with fragrance and cleaning product fumes.  I ordered a few products from Kjersti, and was immediately impressed with the quality and affordable prices!  Because the products are so affordable and truly all natural, I knew I wanted to continue using them in my home and was eager to share them with my family and friends!

The more I learned about Radiantly You, the more I was drawn to the company and its mission.  I was so impressed to learn about Radiantly You’s partnership with the Anjong Young Farmers group in Cameroon, Africa, and how they are helping the farmers and their families by providing basic needs, like food and water.  As a person of faith, that is very important to me.  I love knowing that with each product I purchase, I am helping that mission of service and the full circle of giving.

I joined Radiantly You as an Independent Wellness Guide in March of 2014, and it has been such a blessing!  I have had the opportunity to share these amazing products with my family and friends and love to hear their testimonies about how the products have changed their lives.  I have also had the opportunity to build a team of Independent Wellness Guides and help them achieve their goals, which is very rewarding.  I have met some wonderful people on my journey with Radiantly You, who I probably wouldn’t have met otherwise.  The support from my up-line and Nick and Melissa Brown has been amazing! I feel so blessed to be a part of the Radiantly You family!

After joining Radiantly You, I started reading product labels and looking into their ingredients and was shocked by what I found.  I found out that the face wash I had been using had an ingredient in it that is also in anti-freeze!  Now I only use Radiantly You’s Dead Sea Mud Whipped Face Wash and Antioxidant Facial Moisturizer on my face and can’t imagine using anything else!  I have actually had people ask me what skincare products I use because they said my skin was glowing!  As a family who deals with allergies and skin sensitivities, I appreciate that Radiantly You’s products are clearly labeled with all ingredients and Certified Organic ingredients are used whenever possible.

I love being able to stay at home with my children and share Radiantly You’s Products and Opportunity with others.  I feel like it’s the best of both worlds!  If you haven’t looked into what Radiantly You has to offer, I highly encourage you to do so!  It just might change YOUR life! Purposes, structure and move to this site systemic correlations between contexts and texts.

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