Five Ways to Go Green in 2015


As you know protecting the planet is really important to all of here at Radiantly You. As we ease into a new year, we’re given so many opportunities to change old habits and implement a cleaner, greener way of living. Here are our top five ways to go green in 2015. We want to hear from you! What are you favorite ways to cut your carbon footprint, repurpose old items or eat greener foods? Drop us a comment below.

Eat Real Food

By following the eat and buy “seasonal, local, organic” mantra — you can enjoy fresher, tastier foods while improving your personal health. When you buy local you’re supporting local agriculture, supporting the local economy and reducing the greenhouse gas emissions required to get food from its origin to your plate. When you buy fresh food you’re reducing packaging and energy used for processing. And, choosing organic foods means helping promote organic agriculture and responsible land use. Take baby steps, shop at farmers’ markets and limit your processed foods intake.

Clean Up Your Cosmetics

By supporting organic, sustainably harvested skin and body companies like, you are helping greenify the world we live in. When you clean up your cosmetics you are reducing the chemicals and lab-created ingredients in your home. You are not only doing what’s best for you and your family but you’re also contributing to a greener and healthier tomorrow. Check out the green status of your current beauty products with.

Recycle + Repurpose 

Nothing is ever really thrown away, it all has to go somewhere. By recycling and reusing, we reduce the amount of waste that sits in landfills. Recycling materials also saves energy compared to using new materials to create products. Repurposing products is just as good, sometimes even better! So next time, think before you toss something. Get creative, find new ways to repurpose old things. There’s some great inspiration here in this list of .

Turn Off The Facet 

Clean water is perhaps the planet’s most precious resource. And, with the increasing effects of global climate change, for many regions across the globe, our ability to have enough high-quality water on hand could likely to change in the near future. Being water conscious helps reduce strain on municipal treatment systems and ensures there’s enough to go around. Additionally, when you buy water conscious sustainably made RY products, you are helping do your part. If you need more tips on how to reduce your water consumption, here are.

Shop Greener Goods

When you opt for green and ethical goods, you support local and global craftsmen and communities. Buying goods made in the USA and those participating in projects like cuts down on transportation costs and your carbon footprint.

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