Fabulous DIY Vertical Planter Project!


I LOVE flowers, spring, sun and all things warm – so it’s no understatement to say that I’m seriously always looking for beautiful ways to get more of those things in my life!  I’ve got tons of different planters, pots, flower stands…anyway I can display awesome greenery, I’m in.  Lately, I’d be envisioning a super easy and convenient way to get fresh herbs into the kitchen more.  I have my trusty mason jar basil that made it all winter on the windowsill, but for how much we juice/blend with parsley and how necessary cilantro is in my homemade guacamole, I needed to find a way to bring it closer to the house than hiking out to the garden.

I spent a few evenings cruising pinterest for something functional, cute and most importantly SIMPLE.  With three kids under 4 and being super pregnant myself, I honestly don’t have time for day-long projects.  My ideal project is usually something that can be started and done before naptime – so when I found this awesome planter, I knew Nick and I could tackle the job.

The original inspiration came from and overall, we used their project as a guide to making ours.  I’m really big on things being visually pleasing and my husband really loves doing projects correctly, so we did make some modifications on their design to make it more of these things, including:

  • Making the back supporting legs flush with the stair stringer, not just screwed inside of it.
  • Adding two additional supports (hey, I know my kids and I know they’ll try to climb on this thing)
  • Painting the entire thing white
  • Keeping the bottom watering trays attached to the planter boxes.  We actually drilled those on instead of the box itself, which will be awesome for rotating my herbs and spinach I planted there to get optimal sun.

All in all, this project came to a total of $50.65 because we have lots of 2 x 4’s in the barn left-over from our gorgeous chicken fence the Amish built last year and I had a can of Behr white paint in the garage.  If you’ll be buying those things, your total may rise a bit but seriously, how cute is this for an awesome and easy project to do with the kids!?  I say go for it and add a little greenery into your life!



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