DIY Upcycled Spring Flowers


Spring is in full swing and it wouldn't be the same without a vase of beautiful upcycled spring flowers! Kids will love doing this craft with you and it is perfect for Springtime, Easter, Mother's Day and Earth Day - which is coming up on Tuesday, April 22. So don't forget to mark it on your calendar! Upcycling is simply taking old things and making them new. This reduces … [Read more...]

50 Green Smoothie + Juice Recipes Your Kids Will Beg You For


Sneaking greens into our kids' meals can definitely be a challenge. Last week our mommy blogger Rama, introduced to us 6 Tips on How to Get Your Kids to Eat more Veggies - you should totally check that out now! This week I've rounded up 50 of the most delicious, kid-approved green smoothie and green juice recipes I could find on the interwebs. Get in the kitchen with your … [Read more...]

6 Tips on How to Get Your Kids to Eat more Veggies


Inflammation is at the root of disease, food allergies and chronic pain. Eating a diet rich in vegetables combats inflammation and feeds our body at the cellular level. If our cells are well-fed, they perform well. This means more energy, a stronger immune system, better sleep and an overall improved quality of life. Getting our kiddos to eat their veggies at an early age is … [Read more...]

Product Highlight: All-Natural Tub Scrub and Ways to Use it Around Your House

radiantly-you-all-natural-tub-scrub (5)

Today we're highlighting my favorite, multi-purpose Radiantly You product, the All-Natural Tub Scrub. We all know this magical scrubbing powder works wonders on your bathtub, but did you know you can use it all over your home? From soap scum covered stainless steel fixtures, to grimy dirty tile grout, to baseboards, walls and more, this tub scrub does it all and more. As … [Read more...]

Spring Harvest Buddha Bowls with a Dill + Shallot Vinaigrette

vegan-buddha-bowl (3)

In the spring of 2012 my husband and I signed up for our very first CSA season. From that moment on our lives were forever changed. Our diets were flooded with fresh seasonal plants and our waistlines started to slim. Actually since we signed up for our CSA my husband has lost nearly 50 pounds. You can read more about his inspiring story on my blog, here. Obviously the … [Read more...]

Dyeing Eggs with Real Food Ingredients

Dyeing Eggs w. Real Food Ingredients

Have you ever tried dyeing eggs with fruits, veggies, spices or even wine? They produce gorgeous results. The best part: It is easier than you think, safe, and kids love turning ingredients from their kitchen into beautiful dyes. These are the ingredients found in a typical egg dye kit: FD&C Yellow #6, FD&C Yellow #5, FD&C Blue #2, cellulose gum, FD&C Red … [Read more...]

Product Highlight: Radiantly You Deodorant and Why You Need to Ditch that Drugstore Deodorant

radiantly-you-natural-deodorant (3)

Today we're highlighting the Radiantly You All-Natural Deodorant. If you're making the switch from traditional body care products to safer, more natural alternatives, you need to start here. Deodorant is one of the first products I stopped using when I made the shift to a healthier, greener, chemical-free lifestyle. Deodorant and antiperspirants are loaded with super nasty, … [Read more...]

Why We Are Proud 1% for the Planet Foundation Members


Here are Radiantly You we care so deeply about protecting this beautiful Earth in which we all call home. From the rivers, lakes, streams and backyards we run through to the lands that harvest our food and yield the crops to produce our quality products. It all matters. And that's why we're are so proud to call ourselves One Percent for the Planet Foundation members. I mean … [Read more...]

Mel’s Must Have Spring Obsessions


Rejoice - it's finally the first day of spring and what a wonderful feeling it is. To celebrate, I thought I'd round up my of the moment must haves, my spring obsessions if you will. Fresh Cut Flowers | a must have for any season really, but especially now when they're in season. It feels so amazing to bring a little bit of the outdoors inside to beautify my home and what … [Read more...]

50 Kid-Approved Healthy Breakfasts, Snacks + Smoothies


It's no secret that kids can be a little picky when it comes to eating healthful meals + snacks. So I've rounded up 50 seasonally appropriate healthy breakfast, snack + smoothie ideas that are kid-tested, mother-approved and sure to be some of your family's favorite finds to munch on. Cooking with your kids help inspire creativity, develop self-confidence and instill healthy … [Read more...]