How To Have The Whitest Smile, Naturally!

How to Have the Whitest Teeth, Naturally!

We all want clean, white teeth - that's a given. For vanity, our teeth take center stage on our face and are a huge part of what people notice each and every time we have an interaction.  We care about what we look like {hence always having the best friend waiting in the wings to tell us we've got some spinach in there} and there's nothing wrong with that.  It's okay to care … [Read more...]

3 Simple Nontoxic Ways to Freshen Your Home

3 simple (and nontoxic) ways to freshen your home

So, we've become aware about the nasty toxins in our food, personal care products and cleaners but have you thought about those air fresheners?  Whether they're the plugins (that have phthalates) or the spray fresheners (which are even worse!), you may be doing more harm then good.  Don't get us wrong, no one likes a stinky room, but there are way better ways to go about the … [Read more...]

10 Top Tips for Sun Safety

Summer essentials

10 Top Tips for Sun Safety We've been warned, intimated and just straight up lied to by sunscreen companies in the past decades.  Don't let the 'land of the unknown' keep you from your summer fun!  Follow our 10 Top Tips for Sun Safety and you'll be enjoying the longer, warmer days the right {and safe} way. 1. The best sunscreen is clothing and hats.  Get good clothing … [Read more...]

IWG Spotlight – Tracy Maxwell

Tracy Maxwell

Hey there! My name is Tracy Maxwell and I’m currently a middle and high school mathematics teacher in a small town in upstate New York. I like to spend my days trying to get the 9 out of 10 people out there in society that I talk to who say they hate math narrowed down to 8 out of 10 by the time I retire! I’m dreaming big! On nights and weekends, I spend my time raising one … [Read more...]

Fabulous DIY Vertical Planter Project!

I LOVE flowers, spring, sun and all things warm - so it's no understatement to say that I'm seriously always looking for beautiful ways to get more of those things in my life!  I've got tons of different planters, pots, flower stands...anyway I can display awesome greenery, I'm in.  Lately, I'd be envisioning a super easy and convenient way to get fresh herbs into the kitchen … [Read more...]

IWG Spotlight – Michelle Haas

DSC_1253 (2)

My name is Michelle Haas and I live with my family in Wilmore, KY.  We moved here 9 months ago for my husband, BJ, to begin attending seminary.  We have two boys, Ransom (3) and Francis (20 months). Before seminary, we spent several years overseas working with World Hope International, a humanitarian company. Now, I am a full time stay at home mom and continue to work part time … [Read more...]

How I Fell for False Marketing and Why GMOs are Pretty Serious Stuff


  This is a post I’m not even sure how to start. I feel angry and duped.  I fell into the trap of falling for false marketing last week and I’m honestly still recovering. I know, you’re probably either thinking a.) Get over it, who cares? OR b.) YOU fell for company lies?  Aren't you one of the best label readers out there? And well, both are actually semi-true.  I pride … [Read more...]

IWG Spotlight – Jennifer Send


  Starting this March, we're going to begin highlighting some of our Independent Wellness Guides, so you can see just how truly amazing these men and women are!  Enjoy :) My name is Jennifer Send, and I live in Dubuque, Iowa.  My husband, Doug, is a mechanical engineer at John Deere Dubuque Works.  We have been blessed with seven children: Joseph 15, Marissa 14, Gianna … [Read more...]